Wanna Bet? A Story of Courage


  • Krasier (Also Soldier)- A sixteen-year-old boy who tries to steal two loaves of bread
  • Reigna- Princess of the island on which Krasier steals bread
  • Queen- Reigna’s mom
  • King- Reigna’s dad
  • Guard 1
  • Guard 2
  • Person 1
  • Person 2
  • Eric- Leader of the enemy soldiers


Curtains open to reveal Krasier, standing on a sailboat, looking towards an island.

Tense music begins, and scene changes to Guard 1 and Guard 2 marching through the streets.

Guard 1: “Sure is a hot day today.”

Guard 2: “Tell me about it.”

Person 1: “Look, it’s a boat!”

Guard 1 and Guard 2 turn their heads quickly, looking towards the ocean at the canoe that slowly makes its way to shore. Krasier steps off the boat and onto the island, glancing up to the village and smiling.

Krasier: “This place holds promise.”

Guard 1 walks up to Krasier.

Guard 1: “And where do you think you’re going, young man?”

Krasier: *Sarcastically* “I’m sorry, do I need a license to handle a canoe?”

Guard 1: Looks at Krasier suspiciously. “I’ve got my eye on you, Boy.”

He lets Krasier past, staring after him.

Krasier walks out of the sight of the guard, finally turning towards the shops and stores in the village and smiling.

Person 2: *Whispering to Person 1* “That Boy is trouble, I can feel it,”

Krasier is seen walking by with a mysterious grin on his face.

Person 2: “Just you wait, he’s trouble.”

Krasier eyes a shop with bread and other baked goods in it. He looks around, almost as if he is searching for something.

Person 1 glances at Krasier, who gives a simple nod and smile. He then walks into the shop, pacing around slowly to avoid attracting too much attention.

Guard 1 can be heard outside, mumbling to himself, and Krasier bites his lip, almost in suspense. He then grabs a couple loaves of bread and runs out the door.

Guard 1: “Hey, where are you going, Kid?!”

It is obvious that Krasier has stolen something, and Guard 2 also begins to shout and run after him. It seems as if he will make a narrow escape, but suddenly a hooded figure tackles him, knocking him onto his back.

Krasier: “Hey!”

The hooded figure disappears, and the guards catch up to Krasier and pull him up.

Guard 1: “You’re coming with us now, punk.”

They yank and pull him away as the two loaves of bread slip out of his pockets and onto the ground.

The Sapphire Stare

Guard 1 and Guard 2 pull Krasier into the castle. He looks up at the high ceiling in awe and wonder. The windows let streams of light in, which gives the castle a mysterious feeling.

Krasier: “Where are you taking me?”

Guard 2: “Didn’t your parents teach you right from wrong?! You know the punishment for stealing.”

Krasier: “I’m afraid I don’t. And I don’t have any parents, alright?”

The guards simply ignore him and keep walking. They near the King and Queen. Guard 1 and Guard 2 kneel down, still not letting go of Krasier enough to allow him a chance to escape.

Guard 1: “Your Majesties, this boy was caught stealing from the Baker.”

Krasier looks up at the King, squinting his eyes and almost smiling.

King: “Well, you know the punishment for stealing. Cut his hand off.”

Krasier’s eyes widen and he turns to the guards, shaking his head quickly as Guard 2 picks up a sword.

Krasier: “Hold up, you- you can’t do that!”

Guard 2 raises the sword but is interrupted.

Reigna: “Stop!”

Guard 2 hesitates, then lowers the sword slowly, dropping it onto the ground, and everyone turns to see Princess Reigna standing by the throne.

Reigna: Walks up to Krasier, looking him in the eye, giving him a feeling he had only felt once before- when he had looked at the glorious shine of a purple sapphire. “How old are you, boy?”

Krasier: Inhales deeply. “I’m sixteen. Why?”

Reigna: Smiles. “What did you steal?”

Krasier: “Two loaves of bread.”

Reigna smiles again, turning to her parents. “He stole two loaves of bread. Are you really going to cut off the hand of a sixteen-year-old boy?”

King and Queen look warningly at Reigna.

King: “Reigna, this is not your place. Apologize and leave now.”

Reigna: Turns to Krasier, then back to her parents. “Put him in the dungeon. Lock him up for a few days if you must.”

King: Sighs angrily. “Reigna!”

Reigna: Stands straighter. “You want me to be the queen one day, let me judge the fate of this one person, and I will be responsible.”

Upon hearing this, Krasier raises his eyebrows in confusion, wondering why this girl is trying to help him.

It is obvious that Reigna has been outside. Dirt is covering her face and she is still holding a sword in her right hand. She isn’t wearing a dress, as Krasier had expected a princess to, and he is finding it hard to believe that she is really the King’s daughter.

Krasier: “If I may interrupt, I think-”

Reigna: “Shut up, kid!”

Krasier is surprised, and a little offended, especially because Reigna doesn’t really look any older than him.

King: “Alright, we’ll put him in the dungeon. But next time he is caught stealing, both his hands will be cut off.”

Krasier swallows. Guard 1 takes him down to the dungeon and throws him into a cell. He sits up, annoyed. Guard 1 leaves.

Krasier: *mumbling to himself* “Cut my hand off? I’d like to see them try to cut my hand off for stealing two measly loaves of bread. I’ll show them- that’s for sure.”

Krasier stops mumbling when he hears a door open, and he sits up straighter when he hears footsteps coming toward his cell.

Regina: “Well, how is the thief doing?”

Krasier” Looks away, scowling. “I have a name, you know.”

Reigna: Kneels down, looking at him again with the same sort of sapphire stare. “What is it, then?”

Krasier: Looks at her for a moment, a mix of anger and guilt. “It’s Krasier.”

Reigna: Smiles a sort of taunting smile. “Well Krasier, you got yourself into a bit of a mess, didn’t you?”

Krasier: “Why are you- the princess- covered from head to toe in dirt?”

Reigna: Frowns at him. “What kind of a name is ‘Krasier’ anyway?”

Krasier: Bites his lip angrily. “It’s my name.”

Reigna: “Did your parents hate you?”

Krasier: Stands up, looking her angrily in the eye. “I don’t have any parents, okay?!”

Reigna: Pauses a moment, her taunting smile disappearing as she stands up slowly. “I- I didn’t know.”

Krasier: “Just leave, will you?”

Reigna: Nods, slowly walking away. She hesitates before speaking. “I like fencing.”

Krasier: “What?”

Reigna: “You asked why I was covered in dirt.”

Krasier sits down, thinking. Reigna continues to walk away until she leaves the dungeon.

When you smile

The next morning, Guard 2 comes down to the dungeon to give Krasier his breakfast: Bread and water.

Guard 2: “Here you go, kid. Bread is what you wanted in the first place, isn’t it?”

Krasier: Picks up the hard stale piece of bread, flipping it around in his hands. “Thanks.”

Guard 2 walks away, leaving Krasier sitting on the ground of his cell.

He sits there for a few moments, staring at the wooden cup of dirty water. Finally, he knocks it over in anger, watching the liquid splatter all over the wall and the floor. He hears the door of the dungeon open, and he quickly stands up and places his forehead against the bars. Reigna walks down to his cell.

Reigna: Holds up a piece of cheese. “Hungry?”

Krasier: Scowls. “Come to taunt me, have you?”

Reigna: Smiles. “You don’t even like cheese, do you?”

Krasier: Looks at his stale chunk of bread. “I’m not crazy about it.”

Reigna: “What do you like?”

Krasier: “Why don’t you just go away, princess?”

Reigna: “Why are you covered in dirt?”

Krasier: Looks at her curiously. “Because I’m a dirty thief, and I don’t wash my face because I have no reason to.”

Reigna: Nods. “Where did you learn to talk?”

Krasier: “Excuse me?”

Reigna: “You said you don’t have any parents. Who taught you to talk?”

Krasier: Squints his eyes and leans against the wall. “Why do you care about where I learned to talk? Why do you care about anything in my life?”

Reigna: “Don’t flatter yourself, I don’t. I just want to make sure that you’re completely miserable.”

Krasier: Leans against the door angrily. “Well, in that case, well done.”

Reigna: Steps back, smiling. “It sure is easy to make you angry.”

Krasier: “Well, no-good, naive princesses make me angry!”

Reigna: “Good, I’ll be here all week.”

Krasier: “I won’t. Believe it or not, I’m pretty good at escaping places like this.”

Reigna: “Who taught you how to do that, your parents?”

Krasier lunges forward, reaching for her neck to strangle her, but she steps back before he can.

Reigna: “There it is. There’s the rage.”

Krasier pauses, taking a deep breath, trying to calm down. His eyes are still smoldering.

Reigna: “I doubt you’ll have any problem fighting me for your freedom.”

Krasier: Steps back for a second. “What?”

Reigna: Pulls out a key and unlocks his cell door, opening it wide. “Come on, let’s see what you got.”

Krasier looks at her skeptically, still confused.

Reigna drops a sword in front of him, nodding for him to pick it up.

Krasier: Slowly bends down and picks it up. “Believe it or not, I’m a little more experienced than some amateur princess.”

Reigna: “Wanna bet?”

Krasier raises his sword, swinging it at her as she jumps back and catches his blow with her blade. She looks him in the eye, biting her lip and smiling before she kicks him over hard onto the ground of his cell, disarming him.

Reigna: “That all you got?”

Krasier: Tries to get up, but she is pointing both weapons at him. “You took me by surprise, that’s all. I could’ve beat you any other time.”

Reigna: “Not sure that really even counted as an actual fight.”

Krasier: “Rematch?”

Reigna: Slams door. “That’s alright. Maybe some other time.”

She smiles at him, though not as tauntingly as before.

Krasier: *matter-of-factly* “You know, when you smile, it either makes me want to rip your throat out, or ki-” He pauses. “Kill you.”

Reigna: Squints her eyes at him curiously. “Okay, thief.”

Krasier: “Yeah, see ya later, princess.”

Reigna walks away, and Krasier is seen sitting on the ground, his back against the wall. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, thinking.

Turn and Run

Days pass, and Krasier sits in his cell and eats stale bread. One day, he hears yelling and talking outside, and he tries to reach his cell window to see what’s going on, but he can’t. Then he hears the dungeon door open, and footsteps hurrying towards his cell.

Reigna: Runs up quickly. “You have to leave.”

Krasier: “Trust me, I’d love to.”

Reigna: Pulls out a key and unlocks the door. “We’re being attacked.”

Krasier: Looks at her in a slightly concerned, slightly confused way. “Why are you letting me go? Why not just let me rot down here?”

Reigna: Sighs. “Look, you have to go- now!”

Krasier: Bites his lip. “Okay. Thank you.”

He runs out of the dungeon as quickly as he can. He turns back once to look at her, standing there. She nods at him, grabbing a blade and smiling. He turns around and keeps running.

Scene changes to Reigna, up in her room. She stands in front of a mirror, completely dressed in a soldier uniform. Her hair is in a braid, and she has a sword in her hand. She takes a deep breath and puts a helmet on.

Reigna: “Okay, let’s do this.”

She climbs out of her window carefully and joins the soldiers down below. They are getting ready to battle the attacking army.

Scene changes to the King.

King: *Outside of Reigna’s door* “Reigna, are you doing alright in there?”

There is no response, so he carefully turns the knob of the door.

King: “Reigna?”

She is nowhere to be seen, but her window is open, and the curtains are blowing in the wind.

King: “Reigna!”

Scene changes to Krasier, just outside of the castle, running towards the ocean where his canoe is still floating peacefully. He stops, looking towards the horizon. He sees an armada of ships heading for the island.

Scene changes back to Reigna. She is breathing quickly, almost as if she is getting ready to take her last breath, but she doesn’t back down. Once the general gives the order, she’s on the battlefield with the rest of the soldiers.

Scene changes back to Krasier, but only long enough to see him standing by the ocean.

Scene changes back to the battle. It is hard to see which soldier is Reigna, as she is wearing the same battle armor as the other soldiers.

Scene changes to the armada, coming toward the island. There is a large man, covered in iron armor, holding two axes- one in each hand. He is the leader of the attacking army, his name is Eric.

Eric: “Come on, men! Let’s take this pathetic island down!”

His men cheer, waving their maces and axes in the air.

Scene changes to Reigna, struggling and fighting against the attacking army. The King attempts to stop the fight for his daughter’s sake, but there is no stopping it now.

Scene changes to Krasier. He takes one step away from the ocean, turning back to look at the fighting army.

Scene quickly changes back to Reigna. One of the attacking soldiers comes behind her. She doesn’t see him. He raises his sword.

Scene changes to the beach. Krasier no longer stands there, looking towards the horizon, pausing. There is no sign of his canoe either. A wave comes and washes away the few footprints that were on the beach.

Scene changes back to Reigna. The man behind her is about to strike his blow, but then he falls to the ground, a knife in his arm.

Reigna hears him fall and spins around quickly. She sees another soldier, one on her side. His helmet blocks his face,

Soldier: “Careful, Princess. The King would never forgive himself if you died.”

Reigna looks at him curiously, wondering how he knows who she is. Then she realizes that her helmet has fallen off and lays on the ground.

Reigna: “Please don’t tell my father.”

Soldier: Hesitates, as if he’s thinking. “I got your back, princess.”

Reigna smiles and picks up her helmet, putting it back on her head.

Scene changes to the beach. The armada approaches, and more soldiers begin jumping out in canoes and rowing to the island. Eric is in one of them. He steps out of his canoe and takes a deep breath, smiling an evil smile.

Scene changes back to the battle. Reigna and the Soldier are still fighting the attacking army, and more soldiers come from the beach. Finally, she sees Eric. He is standing near her, and somehow she knows that he is the leader.

Reigna: *To the Soldier* “Wait here,” Points toward Eric. “I’m going to end this.”

Soldier: Glances at Eric. “Hold on, you can’t fight that guy alone.”

Reigna: “Wanna bet?”

She marches toward Eric, holding her sword.

Soldier: Throws his head back and groans. “Naive Princess.”

Jump in the Ocean and Die

Reigna approaches Eric, and upon hearing her, he turns around quickly, staring at her.

She raises her sword, ready to fight, and he grins at her. He grabs her by the arm and lifts her up. She struggles, kicking and punching. He grabs her helmet and throws it to the ground.

Scene changes to the King, looking out his window. In horror, he realizes that the soldier Eric is holding up is his daughter.

Scene changes back to the Soldier. He tries to free Reigna by grabbing an ax and throwing it at Eric.

Eric catches the ax, turning to the Soldier and smiling.

Soldier looks at Eric in fear, swallowing.

Eric approaches the Soldier, tightening his grip on the ax and loosening his grip on Reigna enough to allow her to break free.

Reigna runs to the Soldier’s Side, still facing Eric and still ready to fight.

Eric: “Your island is falling, princess. Look around.”

Reigna glances around. The village is falling apart. Houses are on fire, people are running and screaming, dead bodies lay on the ground.

Eric: “You think you can save them? You think you can end this?” He Laughs. “I have already won!”

Reigna tries to jump towards him, but the Soldier holds her back.

Soldier: “We both know you can’t just kick him over.”

Reigna: *Still angry at Eric* Looks at the Soldier. “What?”

Soldier: Sighs. Slowly pulls off his helmet, revealing who he is.

Reigna: “Krasier!”

Krasier: Smiles.

Reigna: “You! It was you. I told you to run!”

Krasier: “And if I had, you’d be dead.”

Reigna: Turns and looks back at Eric. “Well, none of that matters now. We’ll all be dead by the end of the day.”

Krasier: Pauses, then grabs her shoulders. “I said you can’t kick him over. I never said you couldn’t take him down.”

They turn slowly and look at Eric. He’s ordering his army to destroy the village. Many of the King’s soldiers are running now, trying to escape and take cover in the castle.

Krasier: *Impatiently* “Any time now, princess.”

Reigna: Tightens her grip on the sword. “Let’s do this, soldier.”

They run at Eric, prepared to die. He turns towards them, smirking.

Krasier: “If we live through this, you are soooo buying me a new boat.”

Scene changes to Krasier’s canoe, floating peacefully alone in the middle of the ocean.

Scene changes back quickly to Krasier and Reigna.

Eric: “You won’t win. You are fighting an impossible battle.”

Krasier: *Annoyed* “Why don’t you just jump in the ocean and die?!”

Eric: *Laughs* “You sure are feisty, aren’t ya?”

Reigna tries to stab Eric in the arm, but he trips her with the handle of his ax. Krasier jumps in front of Reigna to prevent Eric from killing her. She stands up quickly, picking up her sword again.

Eric: “You fools don’t know when to give up. This kingdom is mine now!”

Reigna hesitates, questioning whether or not it’s even worth it to fight any longer.

Krasier: Shakes her shoulder. “Come on, princess. You can’t listen to him.”

Reigna: Shakes her head slowly. “There’s nothing we can do.”

Krasier: “Wanna bet?”

Reigna looks at him curiously. “Why do you care?”

Krasier Looks away for a minute, realizing that Eric is missing part of his left leg, and a wooden board can be seen holding his body up.

Krasier: “Don’t flatter yourself, I don’t.” He mocks her. “I’m just trying to make sure that you’re as miserable as possible.”

Reigna: “What?”

Krasier: “You were the hooded figure.”

Reigna: “You’re bringing that up now?!”

Krasier: Eyes Eric’s wooden leg. “Jump on his back.”

Reigna: “Why?”

Krasier doesn’t respond. She hesitates, then reluctantly runs behind Eric.

He sees her and turns around after her, eyeing her carefully.

Eric: “Give up already, won’t you?”

Just then, his leg snaps, and he tumbles to the ground. Krasier is behind him, sword in hand, smiling a little too much for someone who just almost died.

Reigna smiles back at Krasier. She stands on Eric’s back and points her sword at him. The battle is over.

The Aftermath

Scene changes to the castle, after the battle that seemingly came out of nowhere. The King and Queen are standing in front of Krasier and Reigna with looks of warning on their faces. Krasier smirks at them, almost making fun of them.

King: “Reigna, you are never to leave your room during a battle ever again!”

Reigna: “But dad-”

King: *warningly* “Reigna.”

Krasier: “You got busted, princess.”

Reinga shoves Krasier. The King and Queen look at Krasier, both a little surprised.

King: “You will address my daughter as ‘your majesty.’ Got that, thief?”

Reigna: “Dad.”

King: *Ignoring Reigna* “You got that?!”

Krasier nods slowly, looking down and muttering something under his breath.

King: “You may leave now, boy. As for you, Reigna, you can go up to your room and think about what you’ve done.”

Krasier: “Go on, prin-” He pauses, smiling nervously at the King. “Your majesty. Think about how you saved the island.”

King: “I said you could go now, boy!”

Krasier: Grins at Reigna, kissing her hand before turning away. “Till we meet again.”

Reigna: Laughs sarcastically before her voice turns serious. “We won’t.”

Krasier: Smiles to himself, speaking under his breath. “Wanna bet?”


They have it easy: Part 1

I’m going to tell you a story. This story will take almost all year to tell, so listen carefully. Sometimes we have trouble seeing the world through the eyes of another person who does not see it the way we do. Sometimes we don’t want to try. This story is about two people who are almost opposites, seeing the world through each other’s eyes.

Their names were Angela Peterson and Matthew Backlund, both of them were going into High-school.

Angela was worried. She had heard that High-school would be harder than any of the elementary schools or middle school. She knew that everything was going to change.

Matthew was excited. He was glad to be going back to school with his friends, and was looking forward to joining High-school sports.

“I remember my stomach hurting.” Angela later recalled. “I didn’t quite know what class I was supposed to be in, and the school was just so big.

I swear I had been transported to a different world. There was so much room, I loved that they actually had two floors,” Matthew remembered. “All of the other kids looked so grown-up and mature. I felt tiny. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from making the team once football season rolled around.

My locker was a joke,” Angela began again. “The school supply list had been longer than it had ever been before, and yet we were expected to keep all of our things in a tiny little box?! I could hardly fit my backpack in, and then it was a struggle to get my things out for class. Man, I thought the bus had been loud, this school hurt my ears. I felt like I was at a concert or something, people were screaming.

I do remember the lockers being cozy. The whole school seemed to buzz with this sort of excitement. My locker was on the top floor, which meant I got to climb the stairs every day to get to it. My first class was Science, and the room was so much bigger than it had been at the middle school.

My first class was Math. The whole school was so confusing, I walked into the wrong room, and not only that, I was late! Everyone looked at me in a weird way, until the teacher finally helped me with my schedule, pointing in the direction of my actual classroom.

Class had barely started when the teacher asked me to walk to another room to get some supplies. I walked out into the hall, holding my head high, proud to be in High-school.

I had to rush through the halls, hoping my teacher wouldn’t kill me for being late.

Then, out of nowhere, there was this girl!

I wasn’t looking where I was going, and there was this boy.

She crashed into me.

He crashed into me.

“Hey!” Matthew yelled.

They both fell to the ground.

“I’m sorry,” said Angela. “I’m in a hurry.”

He stood up and helped her up. “No worries, I’m Matthew.”

She smiled, holding out her hand. “Angela.”

There was something about him.”

I could have sworn there was something about her.”

“Bye,” they both said at the same time, as they walked in opposite directions. This was only the beginning.

To be continued in part 2, coming in a couple of days

The Enemy (Part 1)

This is a story of long ago, before there were countries, but not before there were kings. You see, there were two large islands, both led by great and famous rulers, but they were at war. When two great rulers are at war, major destruction is the result. But this story is not about the kings. On the contrary, it is about their children.

Reid was the prince on the island of Lafahalden, and as such he was involved in the war. He was not allowed to go into battle, but he was old enough to assist in the making of the battle plans. Now on the other side there was princess Yara, who was the same age as Reid, but was never allowed by her father to help with anything. She did, however, have her own sailboat, and was very good at sneaking onto enemy territory without being spotted. Her father did not approve of this, but she was also very good at sneaking away.

Anyway, one day on the island of Lafahalden, Reid had just finished helping his father with the battle plans, and was carrying a copy of them to the General. He noticed all of his friends were gathered around something, and all of their parents were throwing coins at whatever it was.

Reid slowly moved closer, trying to catch a glimpse of whatever they might be so interested in. Then he saw her, dancing in a peculiar way in her feathered dress. He had never seen her around before, nor had he ever heard of anyone dancing for money. He marched over to get a better look, and he saw that her skin was dark and her eyes were the shiniest brown, with her short hair glistening in the sun. Her feathered dress was woven in a beautiful pattern, and the way she danced in a sort of hypnotizing way must have been what caught the eyes of all his friends. He looked into her eyes, a mistake, he later recalled, for there seemed a sort of connection. If only he had known that she was not on his side.

He shook his head quickly, and continued to walk to the General, but she grabbed his arm and pulled him over to dance. He tightened his grip on the papers, so they would not blow away in the wind. Try as he might, however, he could not pull out of her grip. Everyone was watching as he tried to casually get out of dancing, but she wouldn’t let go.

After the dance finally ended, there was a round of applause, and everyone cleared away. She let go of his hand, and smiled as she looked into his eyes. “I hope I didn’t interrupt you, your Majesty.”

He shook his head. “I haven’t seen you around before.”

She smiled. “Most people haven’t, I just recovered from the measles, I haven’t been on the streets very much. My family is really poor, I thought maybe I could help bring in some money.”

He nodded. “Well, it was nice to meet you, but I have to be going to the General to deliver something.”

She grabbed his arm. “May I see?”

He stopped dead in his tracks. He didn’t want to show her, he knew he shouldn’t, but what was the harm anyway?

He turned around and opened up the papers he was holding, revealing charts and plans for battle. She leaned in to get a better look,  but he closed the papers and stuffed them into his pocket.

She blinked and fake smiled at him. “Battle plans?”

He looked at his feet. “Yeah, I think we’re going to win this one.”

Before he walked away he looked at her again. “What’s your name?”

She hesitated. “It’s….. Yara. And you’re Prince Reid.”

He nodded. “See you around, Yara.”

He turned and began to walk slowly away.

“Wait!” she yelled. “Could you maybe…… show me around. This town has changed since I last left my house, I’d like to get to know it better.”

Reid nodded. “I guess I could show you around for a while.”

After quite a while, they reached the edge of the village by the forest.

“Well, that’s just about everything,” Reid said, preparing to leave.

“What about the forest, you have to show me that too.”

Reid shook his head. “I can’t, my father warned me not to go there.”

Yara turned and smiled at him. “You are not scared, are you?”

Reid knew that she was simply trying to lure him in, though he did not know why. He knew that he really shouldn’t step foot inside the dreaded forest, that his father would not approve.

“I’m not scared, we can go in if you want, I’m just kind of busy right now.”

Yara smiled and ran into the forest, the feathers on her dress catching the wind, and for a moment Reid thought she would be lifted up into the air.

He sighed a deep and heavy sigh, knowing what his father would say about it, but still he ran after her.

Yara swung off of the branches and jumped onto the stumps of fallen trees. Reid patiently waited for her to be done and ready to return to the village. He still needed to bring the battle plans to the General- and what if his father found out? What if he found out that he had been in the forest, what then?

“Yara!” he yelled. “I’m going to go, my father will be angry if I don’t bring the battle plans to the General soon enough.”

Yara looked at him. “You have to go now?”

He nodded. “Come on.”

Just then there was a growl from the depths of the forest. It was a cold, frightening growl that seemed to fill the air.

“What is that?” Reid whispered.

“Probably just some wild animal,” Yara said, not sounding scared or worried at all.

“Demono katos,” Reid whispered. “My father warned me of them, I knew we shouldn’t have come here.”

“It’s alright,” Yara said calmly, moving closer to him and grabbing his hands. “I’m sure they won’t hurt us.”

He stared into her eyes, so calm and gentle. He couldn’t figure out why she was not worried of being ripped to pieces, nor did he understand where she had come from in the first place.

She slowly pulled the battle plans out of his hand, calmly smiling the whole time. “But they might hurt you.

To be continued in “The Enemy (Part 2)”

New series Coming: They have it easy

Starting in September, I will be writing a series of very short parts, with one every one to two days. The series will be called, “They have it easy” and will explore the lives of two high-school students, Angela and Matt. The stories are made to show the way different people observe the world, so it will be a story about perspective.

The series will start near the beginning of the school year, and end at the end of it. If I continue the series next year, it will feature two new people, resulting in still different perspectives.

I hope you like it when it comes out, and have a great rest of the summer. 😀

Millie: A story of family (part 3)

fox-1448392_1920Tony was still recovering from being attacked by the creature, but both of us knew that we needed to save Cleo from the pound before it was too late.

“How much time do we have?” I asked Tony.

“I don’t know,” said Tony. “But not a lot. It won’t take the humans long to decide that no one wants her.”

I began pacing back and forth trying to think of a plan, but between being lost in the middle of a never-ending wilderness, running out of time, and Tony hardly being able to stand, I couldn’t think of anything.

“Calm down Honeybee,” said Tony. “We’ll think of something.”

“Yeah, but by then it’ll be too late!” I said.

He looked me in the eye. “We’ll get there…. somehow.”

I took a deep breath and sat next to him. “Somehow,” I repeated.

That night was cold, and I didn’t sleep. It’s not that I couldn’t, I just didn’t. I really don’t know why.

Tony didn’t sleep hardly either, not because he chose not to, but because every time he began to doze off he looked almost as if he was dead, and I woke him up to make sure he wasn’t.

Both of us were tired in the morning, and I’ll be honest, it was hard to move. We decided to try to find our way back, and then work out a plan. That way once the plan was made, we’d already be there. However, finding a way back wasn’t as easy as we thought.

I think foxes and dogs are supposed to have really good senses of direction, but no matter how hard we tried, there just seemed to be no way back.

We walked on the street for a while, till a car came up behind us and nearly ran over us!

Then it screeched to a stop, and a big man came out. I hadn’t ever seen him before, but Tony was shaking as he whispered, “That’s the man that took Cleo.”

He approached us slowly. Any other day I would have run away from him as fast as I could, but Tony wouldn’t be able to make it, and I wasn’t leaving him behind.

“I don’t need you,” The big man looked at me. “You’re a fox.”

Then he looked at Tony. “But I’d better put this one out of his misery.”

He pulled out an odd looking stick. Something told me it was a weapon. He pulled something on the stick back and it clicked. He pointed it at Tony.

It was over before I realized what had happened. He lay there. He didn’t know what had hit him. He didn’t move, he was bleeding. He looked at me, surprised, scared, as I was.

He was the dog catcher. I had jumped onto him and the stick had boomed loud into the air. He lay there quite surprised. He didn’t know what had happened, and to tell the truth, neither did I.

I jumped off of him as soon as I figured it out, and Tony and I ran- or limped- down the street.

We still didn’t know where we were going, and I couldn’t hear that well after the stick boomed by my ear.

The dog catcher guy got up, but he didn’t bother to chase after us. His forehead was bleeding a little, and he walked slowly back into his car shouting words I couldn’t understand but assumed were bad.

We walked for what felt like an eternity. We were nearly ready to give up and go to sleep, but then I saw something in the sky.

It flew really fast, and looked awfully tiny from where I was. It was too noisy to be a bird, and it didn’t move its wings.

Then I remembered, in the city near the ally, there is a huge place where lots of giant flying things land and take off. The one above us looked too small to be one of them, but it was worth a shot.

“Tony,” I said. “Follow that thing in the air!”

“Why?!” Tony asked quite confused.

“It’ll take us to the city!” I wasn’t actually sure, but I didn’t have time to explain all the details, so we ran down the road after it.

It’s hard to chase a flying thing when it’s so much faster than you and you’re with someone who can’t hardly walk. Eventually, we lost it, but not too soon, because I could see the tops of buildings peeking out over all of the trees.

“Tony, Look!” I ran down the road towards the buildings and Tony limped along behind me.

The buildings grew closer and closer, and I was so occupied with getting there that I forgot to figure out what we were going to do once we did get there.

Finally we reached the city. It felt different than when I had left, but it was the same city.

We had to think of a plan now, we needed a way to get Cleo out without getting put in ourselves. No matter how hard we tried, all the plans that stood a chance of working took more than two people.

“We gotta go get the others, Honeybee,” Tony said.

“No,” I said defiantly. “We don’t need them.”

Tony looked at me. “Honeybee, when are you going to forgive them?”

“I don’t need to forgive them, I just need to forget them!”

“How come you’re so stubborn?” Tony asked. “Why don’t you just ask yourself, what would you have done?”

I didn’t even hesitate before standing straighter and firmly saying, “I wouldn’t have lied.”

Tony sighed. “Well, how do you propose we do this by ourselves?”

I stared at the ground, thinking, then I looked up and grinned. “I might have a way.”

That night was cold, but Tony and I stayed in a cardboard box by an alley, discussing what we were to do.

In the Morning we were ready. I walked into the alley and found a puddle of mud. I stared at it for a moment, then splashed it all over my face before rolling around in it.

I wasn’t sure if it would work, but when I saw my reflection in a window, I was completely brown, and looked slightly more like a dog, though I still had the facial features of a fox.

In order for the plan to work, I had to look exactly like a dog.

I walked to Tony. “Will it work?” I asked.

Tony looked at me carefully. “I don’t think they’ll buy it.”

I shook to get the mud out of my fur, because it was getting a little itchy. “Then what do we do?”

Tony nodded at me. “I have to be the distraction, not you.”

“But Tony, you’re hurt.”

“Exactly why you have to get the job done. I’ll be more helpful as the decoy.”

I shook my head. “But how will you get out?”

Tony hesitated, then smiled a kind of sad smile at me. “Maybe I won’t.”

I closed my mouth. Time froze. I think the world stopped turning. I walked over to him and touched my forehead to his. “You’re going to live,” I practically choked. “I love you.”

He closed his eyes. “And I love you too, Honeybee.”

So there we were, standing in the middle of the world, as every creature, tree, and planet, held their breath.

Tony wouldn’t let me stop him. “There’s no other way.”

“Alright, but promise you’ll be careful.”

He smiled. “I promise.”

So that was that. We were breaking into the pound.

Tony ran to the front and barked in at the other dogs, who in turn gave him a bark of warning, but the humans already saw him.

“Hey, look at this little cutie pie,” one of them said.

“But look, he’s hurt,” The other one replied.

One of them picked him up. “He’s got no license, must be a stray.”

“C’mon, let’s put this poor fella out of his misery.”

Out of his misery. That was what the man with the stick had said. They were going to kill him! I crept in the door after them, like I was supposed to. But in my mind, operation free Cleo had become operation save Tony.

I ran after them, not even looking for which cage Cleo was in. They took Tony into a dark room. It smelled weird and felt like death.

They set Tony down on the floor and tied a rope around his neck. One of them walked out, while the other grabbed one of those sticks and pointed it at Tony.

I heard it click, and that meant the boom would be coming soon. There was nothing I could do, it was too late to jump on the guy. But when I saw the fear in Tony’s eyes, I had to do something. I jumped in front of him, and a second later, I heard the boom.

To be continued in “Millie: A story of family (part 4)”

Millie: a story of family (part 2)

fox-1448392_1920I closed my eyes, preparing for the animal to rip me to pieces. What happened next was unexpected.

“Hey honeybee.” It was Tony! I didn’t know how he had gotten there or why he had come, but it was Tony.

I stared at him, a mix of incredibly surprised and kind of confused. Finally he got off of me, and I stood up.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him. “I’m not a dog, Tony. You need to find a new best friend.”

“I don’t wanna,” He argued. Then the saw the look on my face. “I promise I didn’t know,” he said. “Roger kept it from all of us.”

“I know,” I said. “But I live here now. There’s way fewer people, more trees, and maybe somewhere around here there’s even another fox.”

He looked at me with an expression on his face that I’d never seen before. Almost as if he was more scared than I was, so I sat down next to him and let him talk.

“We miss you a whole lot, honeybee. Roger only kept it from you to protect you, and he never told me because he knew I’d tell you. Max hasn’t eaten or slept since you left, and Cleo…..” he paused, swallowed hard and spoke slowly. “Cleo’s gone.”

I jumped up. “Where’d she go off to?”

“The dog catcher came,” said Tony. “She was the only one not fast enough to escape. She’s old, no humans are gonna take her in.”

“We gotta break her out!” I yelled, then I suddenly stopped. “You gotta break her out.”

“Come on Millie,” he begged. “You gotta come back. Like I said, Roger was only protecting you.”

“I don’t need protecting!” I yelled. “I can take care of myself as you can see.”

I know that,” said Tony. “But Roger doesn’t.”

“Well then let him see for himself.” I ran off, but before I had run too far I glanced back ever so briefly, and saw Tony sitting there. He wouldn’t leave, I mean he’s Tony, but he couldn’t come after me because I’m faster than him, so I just turned and kept running.

I reached a place where there were fewer trees, and the grass grew long and covered me almost completely.

I continued to run, but the grass tripped me and I fell.

I stayed down for a minute, realizing I might never see Tony again. I don’t know why, but I closed my eyes. My life came back to me, the memories, the happiness, a time when running from the dog catcher was the only downside, and it meant nothing because I was with my family, and nothing could change that. I thought of Tony, running, barking, laughing, trying to keep up with me in races, and getting into trouble with me just so that we could find a way out.

I couldn’t handle it, I decided to stop feeling.

Suddenly I felt dead, not the kind of dead that Roger used to tell me about, where you go and live in the clouds and look down on everyone and have no problems, the kind of dead where you just stop living, and nothing happens. You can’t think, you’re like a robot, and you can’t be depressed because you just can’t feel anything.

I heard a bark and a whimper, and I heard Tony struggling, but I didn’t feel it. Everything was a dream, and nothing made sense. Suddenly I think I woke up, something had grabbed me and was swinging me around so violently that I wasn’t sure if I could move.

It threw me against the ground. I got up and looked at it for a second. bear-89000_1280It was huge and furry, and it was making some sort of growling moaning sound. I couldn’t tell if it was angry or why, but it was trying to kill me!

“What’s your problem?!” I said before dodging a blow.

I heard yelling, “Millie!”

I jumped onto the creature’s back and then back off again before he rolled over. “Tony!”

I couldn’t take the creature down, so I ran to the trees. It chased me. When I reached the trees I made as many tight turns as possible, like Max had told me to do whenever running from something bigger than I was.

The creature was falling behind, but one problem still remained, where was Tony?

I saw a large hole in one of the trees and jumped into it. The creature ran past it, and once it was out of sight I jumped out and yelled, “Tony!”

There was no response, so I ran back to where I had left Tony. I wanted him to either be there, or for the place to be empty.

When I got there, he wasn’t there, but to make it worse the place wasn’t empty. There were claw marks in the dirt, and a puddle of blood. A long streak of blood trailed from it and ended under a tree, where Tony’s body was lying.

I ran over to him. “Tony, please don’t be dead!” I almost screamed.

He just lay there. I shoved him. He didn’t move, he wasn’t even breathing, and I felt the world go silent as if time had frozen.

I remembered something Roger had told me, “Stay strong kid, the worst thing that you can do in a fight is let the enemy see you weak.” Then I realized that the enemy had already taken everything.

Slowly, my eyes closed, and water poured out of them. I couldn’t speak. I felt as if my heart had stopped beating, and everything in the world that mattered was gone.

Then something broke the silence, “See why I need you, honeybee?”

Tony wasn’t dead! I was so happy I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I hugged him really tight.

That was the day I realized that I need Tony just as much as he needs me.

To be continued in “Millie: a story of family (part 3)”

Millie: A story of family (part 1)


Hello, my name is Millie. I live in an alley in a great big city that I don’t know the name of. I am a pup – at least that’s what Roger tells me. Roger is the leader of the street dogs (and yes, dogs can be organized just like people).

My best friend is Tony, a black lab pup about my age, though he is much taller. We like to play games and search for food – and trouble – together. He calls me, “honeybee” because that’s what the name Millie means.

Max is a bulldog boxer mix. He is like an uncle to all of the pups and is Roger’s best friend.

Cleo is a Golden Retriever mix. She is the oldest dog in the group, and everyone goes to her for advice.

Those are only some of the dogs in our group, and big or small, fast or slow, and fearless or fearful, they are my family, but this is the story of the day I forgot that.

I remember it clearly, it started early in the morning when all of the street dogs were out looking for food. Like I said, Tony and I always look together, but today something was different.

I think I must have slept in a bit late, because when I looked around the alley, no one was there. Tony hadn’t decided to wake me up, which is really weird because whenever I sleep in Tony always wakes me up. I walked slowly deeper into the alley, the place where the cats stay and we avoid.

I was a little puzzled, but it is hard for a dog to be puzzled for long because they naturally find an explanation whether it’s right or not, and then they are set on that explanation. The explanation I came up with was that I was dreaming, and the reason I was still dreaming was because I had slept in, so I prepared for Tony to wake me up.

Suddenly, a dog-like creature walked by. It had an orange and white coat, and black legs. It had ears like mine, and I could have sworn I had seen it before.

It glanced at me with it’s big eyes, then it passed by me.

“Who are you and why are you here?” I yelled after it.

It froze in it’s tracks. “I am here for the same reason you are,” It said.

“You’re looking for your group?” I said.

“Of course not, I belong to no group.”

“Well then why are you here? I mean, dogs rarely come here.”

“I am not a dog, I’m a fox!” said the creature quickly before suddenly running off.

“Well that was a short conversation,” I whispered to myself before running back to the dog’s part of the alley.

The group had returned from the morning search and was sitting and eating their food.

I ran towards them and just as I had almost reached them, I thought I caught a glimpse of the creature. I stopped, walked back and looked.

The creature wasn’t actually there, it was a shiny piece of meal someone had throne out, I think it’s called a mirror.

I may be a dog, but I know what a mirror is, and when I looked into it, I saw the creature.

I was startled, and confused, but I quickly came up with an explanation, and it was right.

“I-” I began. Suddenly all the pieces came together. “I’m a fox.”

“Millie,” I heard Roger yell. “Come on over here.”

I turned and looked at him, and suddenly it felt like my whole mind was smoldering.

He began to walk up to me. “Millie, you okay?”

I jumped back. “Stay away.”

Roger looked startled. “Millie, have those cats got to your head? I told you us dogs always avoid them.”

My voice changed to somewhat of a growl. “I’m not a dog and I think you know it.”

“What a you talking about?” Roger tried to look confused but behind his eyes I could tell he knew exactly what I was talking about.

Tony came over, and because I was beginning to panic I screamed, “Why didn’t you wake my up?”

Tony jumped, I never yell at him, not for anything, I guess my nerves were just shot.

“I wanted to let you rest,” Tony began. “You were making whimpering noises all night in your sleep, I thought you could use some more rest.”

I turned to the mirror again. My ears fell to the sides of my head like they do when I’m upset.

I looked at Roger. “I can’t believe you would hide something like this from me.”

Roger opened his mouth to say some ridiculous excuse but I silenced him. “I’m not a dog,” I said as I felt my eyes swell up. “I never was. I don’t belong here.”

I ran right past them and out of the alley, I had no intention of returning.

That night was cold, and lonely. It rained hard, and as the water fell all over me I remembered all the happy memories that I shared with the alley dogs, and then I tried to forget.

When morning came, I felt like a whole new dog – I mean fox, I guess.

I climbed into the back of a pick-up truck and it carried me a long way. The wind raced by me, and I felt the memories being blown away and thought, “They won’t miss me, they don’t even care.”

When the pick-up stopped, I was in a new world. Everything was different. There were so many trees, not as many people or cars, and even the air was different.

There was no alley and no street dogs. I suddenly felt scared. It was weird because I had never been scared of anything before, not when I had first decided to run away, not even when I had climbed into the back of the pick-up.

Now the feeling ran over me as if everything else had been a dream, and I had been startled back into reality and it felt so cold.

I walked slowly over to a tree and lay down by it. I was tired and scared. I didn’t know what would happen next.

I remember waking up and I felt as if I had slept for weeks. It was still pitch black outside, but I didn’t notice. I walked to a pond and drank a long drink of water. I sat there for hours, till the sun finally came up.

I didn’t see any other foxes, the only creatures there were small with a fluffy tail and the weird ability to run up the side of a tree.

Then, suddenly, there was the sound of something bigger than those weird creatures, something slightly bigger than me, and it was in the bushes. I froze (I think that’s what wild animals do when they hear a predator).

It came closer, I began to tremble, and I remember it jumping out at me and knocking me flat on my back.

To be continued in “Millie: a story of family (part 2)”